Water search
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The search for water in the subsoil is difficult, perhaps one the most difficult ones. The fields of Geology - Hydrogeology have made large and positive steps but unfortunately, in practice, the success rates are low. All machines, devices or research equipment usually have the same results. Especially when it regards large depths the results are minimal or almost non-existent. Usually the success rates are very small. Unfortunately, the search and detection of underground water is difficult and in large depths even harder. Therefore, underground deposits are not detected due to misperception and consequently several areas of our country, remain arid and are currently facing serious water shortage problems. The company SubSystem single membered ltd with its new innovative invention and patented method certified by O.B.I with the number 1007724 , fills this gap through a final assessment of whether there is or not water at any place, without any difficulty. The success rate of the hydrogeological search of SubSystem single membered ltd exceeds every expectation, reaching almost 100% and especially in regions previously identified as arid. More specifically, our results include:

1) To what extent the water is located e.g. 200 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters, 600 meters, with a deviation of 5% to 10%.

2) If it is a basin (concave) or running

3) If it is a basin we know its area.

4) If it is running water we know the route it follows, the direction and its approximate speed.

5) We know the supply (cubic meters per hour), and the basic feeder’s capacity in cubic meters per hour, feeding the output.

6) We know the exact point where the drilling will take place, not approximately, and we indicate it with half square meter accuracy.

7) We know if it is brackish or not.

8) We know if in a space there is water at 100 meters depth, another deposit at 200 meters and another one at 400 meters water depth. We know if they are located adjacent to one another or if they cross each other, as well as the supply of each one separately in cubic per hour and how much is usable.

9) We directly become aware of the research results, when it regards individuals and within 5-10 days when it regards Municipalities and D.E.Y.A.

With these nine basic parameters as well as others with lesser or greater importance, the reliability of SubSystem single membered ltd’s patent when it regards water research, prevents unnecessary studies and drilling, which beyond the financial burden and residual water scarcity, also create environmental problems because usually they are left unattended and as a result various nitrates- animal - ammonia - and other substances penetrate the subsoil, contaminating the groundwater table.

Example: In a search conducted by SubSystem, with its own resources, we have the ability to propose a plan with little economic cost to the State in order to radically deal with the problem of water scarcity in the region of Argolida in combination with the production of hydropower. Similar projects are proposed for other regions of the Greek territory.

metal detector

Our research, based on the molecular structure of the objects, could be the absolute solution for any research for water, with only one visit to your area.

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