Water famine, the fight for water and the solution
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Water famine iis one of the main problems humanity is facing, creating a difficult present and an uncertain future. The fight for water has been running for several years in Greece and we regularly witness serious claims and problems between municipalities and individuals, D.E.Y.A and individuals, as well as between individuals. A fight involving claims for springs, drillings and wells, even rivers. In a few years things will get worse because water scarcity concerns every nation. A major problem exists in agriculture, livestock and especially in water supply. Besides water scarcity there is also the qualitative inadequacy of the waters and the lack of planning and proper management of groundwater.

SubSystem can give solution to water scarcity with its patent and innovative method. We detect water effectively, having the ability to provide solution to water scarcity and end the fight for water.

1) Researching an area of thousands of acres from a long distance, we detect if there is water or not.

2) The exact depth the water is located, at 700 meters and deeper.

3) The quantity, e.g. cubic meters per hour 50, 150, 300, 500 etc.

4) The exact point to make the drilling with an accuracy of half a square meter and not approximately.

The four basic characteristics depth, quantity, detection time and precise drilling spot, for SubSystem are part of an easy process that provides guaranteed and immediate solution. The results are notified to individuals at the same day, and in Municipalities – D.E.Y.A. within 10 - 15 days.

Examples that can give immediate and safe solution in areas with major problems


Water - Anavalou Argolida, 20 to 25,000 cubic meters per hour of pure water gives the solution in the Prefecture of Argolida for water supply and irrigation. SubSystem has the ability to detect the underground aquifer before the point that it reaches the sea and becomes brackish, in order to exploit it even for a hydroelectric project.

Water - Melissi Xilokastrou 3 - 4000 cubic meters per hour is lost to the sea. SubSystem has the ability to detect it and exploit it before it becomes brackish. At the same time it can be utilized for a hydroelectric project.

Water - Almiri Corinth 800-1000 cubic meters per hour. In this case, there is also the ability to detect and utilize it.

Water - Stoupa Laconia Kalogria bay 4000 - 5000 cubic meters per hour is lost at sea. SubSystem provides a solution here. At the same time it can be utilized for a hydroelectric project.

These and hundreds of other cases of karst waters exist in Greece. Could the inability to detect it be a part of the water scarcity problem? Because a great amount of water exists in Greece! Is there a possibility to detect it?

SubSystem with its success in water research, which is usually greater than 85% in drilling that have been done, especially in difficult areas characterized as arid, has demonstrated that it can provide the solution. We have the ability to detect in any area if there is water or not.

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