Research and tracing of missing people
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The company SubSystem single membered ltd with its new innovative invention and patent certified by O.B.I with the number 1007724 has the ability to search and locate people, through the process of the DNA molecular structure.

1) The investigation and tracing can be conducted from large distance, reaching, under good conditions, over 130 kilometers, e.g. with Athens as a starting point the detection can reach Lamia, Amphissa, Patra, Tripoli, Monemvasia, Milos, Paros, Mykonos, Andros, Skyros, Skiathos. Under the worst conditions, the entire Attica Basin with range up to Chalcida, Corinth, Kea.

2) The investigation and tracing of the missing person, located within the range of the device, it takes a little.

3) The detection of the exact location of the person depends on the time required to make the transition from the research point to the location of the missing person. Depending on the distance, a few minutes up to several hours can be required.

Maximum research and tracing range, under the most favorable conditions, is the black circle of 150 km with Athens as fixed research point.
Research and tracing range, under good conditions, is the blue circle of 100 km with Athens as fixed research point.
Research and tracing range, with difficult circumstances, is the red circle of 60 km with Athens as fixed research point.
The smallest research range, with difficult circumstances, is the green circle of 30 km with Athens as fixed research point.


1) For lost people who have not been traced yet.

2) For people who have been kidnapped.

3) For escaped prisoners.

4) For people who are missing because of memory loss, etc.

5) For divers and water sports enthusiasts, etc.

6) For mountaineers, skiers, commandos, etc.

7) For monitoring individual’s movements.

8) For a Car- motorbike-boat theft Security System etc. we can locate, at any time, the stolen object, without anyone having the ability to prevent tracing.

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