Shipwreck detection and localization
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The search for lost objects in the sea and especially regarding detection and localization shipwrecks might be the toughest and most expensive task.
There are shipwrecks from ancient times as well as more recent ones. Occasionally, several shipwrecks have been found, but the majority still remain in the sea because they may be in large depth or the detection can not be done easily with the existing technology.

SubSystem can provide a direct and immediate solution with its patent, especially regarding the detection and localization of a shipwreck, its location and what its cargo was - for example the detection of a 1943 shipwreck which was carrying, among others of gold coins.
Our patented method will detect and discriminate whether gold coins exist or not in the shipwreck, and give an approximate estimation of the amount.

1) Research and detection of the shipwreck or gold coins, from distance of tens of kilometers.
2) The depth of the shipwreck.
3) If the shipwreck is at the same location as the gold coins or at a distance of 100,200 or 500 meters away.
4) The exact location of the shipwreck.
5) The exact location of the gold coins, if they are in a different place from the shipwreck.
6) Detection and localization of the shipwreck and identification depending on whether the shipwreck is made from iron or wood.

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