Recommendations regarding the geological search for water
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The activities of the company SubSystem single membered Ltd are accompanied by prestigious recommendations both by legal entities of public law, municipalities, legal entities of private law, D.E.Y.A. as well as businesses and non-profit organizations or associations mainly regarding hydrogeological search for water.
Unfortunately for policy reasons, our company can not disclose information (for example phone number) of our clients, individuals or businesses, so that you know from reliable sources the effectiveness of our company, in the search for water - metals - mining - quarries etc.

metal detector

Regarding the past years of our search in soil - subsoil-air and sea, below we give you five reference letters the importance of each one in particular has a special interest.

1. Recommendation Letter of the City Council of Kimi, Evia

2. Recommendation letter from the Mayor of Saronicos

3. Recommendation letter from the Monastery of St. Sophronius

4. Recommendation letter from the Monastery of St. Athanasios Meteorites, Anhydro Stylida

5. Recommendation letter from Monastery of Holy Trinity, Examilion


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