Subsystem's research projects
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On this website you can see some of our characteristic partnerships with municipalities, D.E.Y.A., companies and individuals concerning researches in Greece and abroad!


Successful research on Litochoro Artificial Reef - Mine Detection - 9/2015

Research on Litochoro Pieria Artificial Reef for metallic objects that include steel, bronze and powder that are usually parts of explosive objects such us mines, shells, projectiles and other ammunition.
The research was absolutely successful and the operating depth was 16 - 20 meters under the sea surface and 2 meters under the bottom of the sea.

Successful research on the National Road on behalf of Edil Hellas Group - 2015

The research  conducted on the National Road surveys for the needs of Edil Hellas Group company. The  research concerned the detection of third party underground infrastructure and pipes that blocked the installation of optical fibers via the National's Road underground in the depth of 12 meters.

Click on the images to enlarge. At these locations, our company has carried out searches and studies.

Municipality of Konistron
Municipality of Aperantion
Municipality of Kimi
Municipality of Olympus
Municipality of Distion
Municipality of Saronicou
Municipality of Mouressio
Municipality of Diakoptou
Municipality of Vochas
D.E.Y.A. of Xilokastro
D.E.Y.A. of Avlonos
D.E.Y.A. of Kimi
D.E.Y.A. of Amarinthos
D.E.Y.A. of Tamynaion
Monastery of St. Sophronius Kouvaras, Attica
Monastery of Agia Triada, Examilion Corinth
Monastery of St. Athanasios Meteorites, Anidro Stylida
Monastery of Ano Vatheias, Evia
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Cow farming unit of Monodri Evia
Dairy farm at Lamia
Dairy farm at Erithres
Artenius Hellas Industrial area Volos
Inactive material yard at Evia Lake
Gas Station at Malesina Boeotia
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Some of our most successful drillings for companies, individuals, monasteries, municipalities and D.E.Y.A.
• Artenius Hellas, Industrial area of Volos.
• Cow farming unit Monodry Evia cc per hour  30 - 40, depth 40 meters.
• Dairy farm Lamia, cc per hour 120 - 140, depth 160 meters.
• Cow farming unit Orologiou Evia cc per hour 10 - 12, depth 105 meters.
• Bottling plant, Kimi Evia.
• Petrol Station, Malesina Boeotia cc per hour from 20 - 30, depth 150 meters.
• Inactive material yard Limni Evia, cc per hour 10 - 13, depth 120 meters.
• Dairy farm Erithres Thebes cc per hour 4 - 6, depth 35 meters.

Successful drilling for individuals

• Private Irrigation Drilling Vitala Kimi cc per hour 12 -15, depth 200 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Perivolia Aliveriou, cc per hour 25 - 30, depth 80 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Sykamino Oropou, cc per hour 14 - 18, depth 120 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Ampelochori Thebes cc per hour 40 - 50, depth 300 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Ipato Thebes cc per hour 30 - 35, depth 160 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Perivolia Evia cc per hour 8 - 10, depth 110 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Tsakaioi Evia cc per hour 20 - 25, depth 110 meters.
• Private Irrigation Drilling Kathenoi Halkida cc per hour 25 - 30, depth 130 meters.
• Private water Drilling Agioi Apostles Attica cc per hour 2-3, depth 90 meters.
• Private water Drilling Kalamos Attica cc per hour 20 - 25, depth 85 meters.
• Private water Drilling Kifissia, Attica cc per hour 6 - 10, depth 70metra.
• Private water Drilling Koropi Attica, cc per hour 13 - 15, depth 180 meters.
• Private water Drilling Legrena Attica cc per hour 10 - 15, depth 65 meters.
• Private water Drilling Amarynthos Evia cc per hour 25 - 30, depth 90 meters.
• Private water Drilling Monodry Evia cc per hour 5 - 7, depth 90 meters.
• Private water Drilling Andronianoi Evia cc per hour 8 - 10, depth 160 meters.

Successful drilling in monasteries
• Monastery of St. Sophronius Kouvaras Attica cc per hour 4 - 6, depth of 100 meters.
• Monastery of Agia Triada Examilion Corinth cc per hour 10 - 13, depth 90 meters.
• Monastery of St. Athanasios Meteoritou Anhydro Stylida, cc per hour 5 - 8, depth 195 meters.
• Monastery of Ano Vatheias Evia cc per hour  25 - 30, depth 90 meters.

Successful drillings in municipalities
• Municipality of Distion water drilling, cc per hour 200 - 250, depth 210 meters.
• Municipality of TAMINAION water drilling, cc per hour 80 - 100, depth 88 meters.
• Municipality of Vochas water drilling, cc per hour 8 - 10, depth 40 meters.
• Municipality of Kimi, Irrigation Drilling, cc per hour 25 - 30, depth 95 meters.
• Municipality of Kimi ,water drilling, cc per hour 55 - 65, depth 250 meters.

Abroad researches

Subsystem has worked successfully in the past with the following companies based in Sudan:

1. Elexor - research on gold, chrome and diamond mines
2. Hel - Africa - research on gold, water and diamonds
3. Sahara -  research on gold and water
4. Suda Life -  research on gold and water

Subsystem has repeatedly conducted surveys in the Sudan, both in 2014 and 2015. In the following photo album, you can see some photographic snapshots of surveys in the Sudanese Butana Desert and the Abu Hamed region, also in Sudan. The research concerned gold, chromium and water deposits.


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