Lost treasures and gold searchers
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In Greece gold searchers and lost treasures, are very common because there are too many gold deposits, too many lost gold coins, from the World War II, and generally too many lost treasures dating from the Byzantine period, the Ottoman Empire as well as treasures regarding pirates, Venetians etc.
Gold searchers, despite the strenuous efforts they make to detect some of the lost treasures, very often fail because of the equipment and the inefficient technology they use.

The existing technology certainly offers some solutions for research and detection of lost treasures, but usually due to mishandling of the detection equipment or difficult terrain morphology, the results are inadequate. This way, the disproportionate costs combined with unsuccessful results often disappoint them.
SubSystem with its innovative method based on its invention can provide an immediate solution, solving major problems in the field of research of lost treasures. It detects the target and its exact depth from long distances of tens of kilometers.
Thus, gives the final solution to the question whether or not a lost treasure exists in the area of interest.

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