Ground water bottling and quality
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The bottled water and its quality is a very big problem for bottling industries. Besides the problem of water quality there is the problem of quantity as well as the potential of the spring or drilling that will supply the water in the future.

Groundwater has already begun to become polluted in many parts of the country and at the same time there is an alarming reduction of the quantities supplied by springs or wells. As a result many bottling plants want to relocate for better and longer lasting results.
SubSystem with its innovative patented method can provide an immediate solution to the issue of bottling for the existing bottling plants as well as the new plants that want to be established.

1) For the existing bottling plants a research can be conducted to detect whether near the spring or the drilling there is the option to increase the supply or not.

2) For existing bottling plants, provided that the quality is perfect but the supply may be reduced, SubSystem by conducting research at a distance of 2, 3, 5 or more kilometers, can trace the route of the particular supply and find out if it is possible to increase the supply without altering the quality. Given that it is about the same water supply, with a new drilling water will be transferred through the network or it is possible to make a drilling and enrichment of the underground water transfer crack in the water supply without an external network. This way, the quantity is increased without degrading the quality.

3) For bottling plants wanting to relocate to a new facility, SubSystem can conduct research in any area within the territory and draw safe conclusions regarding both the region and the quantity - quality of the underground reserve. Our company is ideal if you wish to ensure the viability of the bottling plant without future problems.

4) Already, through general researches, SubSystem has detected groundwater in large quantities 200, 300, 500 cc per hour in mountainous areas with road access and close to electric power supply. For competitive reasons a bottling plant should be close to main roads and near a capital or co-capital or other major cities.

5) With the method used by SubSystem we are aware of the depth of the water and we select the point that is most suitable to make the drilling so that it will not be in a depth of 200, 300 meters but accessible, i.e. 80, 100, 150 meters.

For the five main reasons given above, we can offer the solution in the field of bottling without future problems for the viability of the plant.

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