Gold coins and gold searchers, search for gold
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The search for gold and gold coins is one of the finest and the most widespread hobbies. It has its difficulties as well as its beautiful moments. The people involved in this hobby are commonly called …gold-searchers…..

The dream for a better life has made man look for gold coins from the World War II (1940) which were lost in various parts of Greece.

Gold-searchers use various research methods, trying to locate one or more boxes with gold coins at various possible or unlikely places e.g. shelters, caves, large trees, fountains, wells, and they are looking for signs derived from any information available.
The decision to become a gold-searcher can be made based on a random occasion. However, if you get involved in this hobby you can barely escape. Because we all hide an “Indiana Jones” insides us, gold-searchers are addicted to the sense of adventure and the emotions that a search for a lost treasure and gold offers.

The methods that gold-searchers use for their research is dowsing method, dowsing devices, local metal detectors, Long Range Locators, radar, geophysical locators, cameras, ground penetrating radar, satellites, magnetometers, pulse meters and any other equipment available for research, ground detection and discrimination for the discovery of gold coins.

In their research, many gold-searchers have encountered problems that were never able to solve in order to reach their ultimate goal, either because the information was wrong or because the equipment could not properly respond to the demands of the researchers, to reach the final objective, so what ultimately emerges is only some unconfirmed information.

But what is to blame? Was the information wrong? The machine does not detect correctly? Or the discrimination of the machine or the device does not separate properly? These and other questions concern the gold-searchers, while they search the market for a new device that is better than the previous one and that offers new hope and a fresh start to search for gold coins, but the results usually are the same. Something is to blame, something is wrong. Again there are problems with either the device or the information.

Here begins the difficult effort of conducting field tests to see if the current device works or not. Indeed, if not all, most trace detection equipment detects the target. So, they work (do not forget that all machines before they are released on the market go through tests and definitely work).

New hope, new beginning for research, and gold searchers set off for new adventures. Unfortunately, disappointment comes back very quickly and the questions remain: why can’t I find something on the mountain while I can do so during the field tests?

The basic research problems and the inability to locate the target as well as discriminate it are the following:

1) Question: the machine indicates that it detects gold coins, I dig and there's nothing.
Answer: Either mishandling took place, or the machine is not responding properly, or it does not measure the depth correctly or it detects false signals, or the target is very small to be indicated or it is not discriminated correctly because it is something other than gold coins.

2) Question: The device detects gold coins, but when I dig I find mineral or rock, so what is wrong?

Answer: Unfortunately this is the biggest problem of the device. Rocks and minerals activate any machine or device confusing the frequencies and as a result a wrong indication is displayed. Because it can not discriminate right and especially when it comes to mineral or rock that has been in the ground for millions of years and has created huge radiation power. For example a mineral in the size of a coin, emits radiation which corresponds to several boxes with gold coins. This is the real answer to the biggest problem concerning the detection and discrimination of the target!

3) Question: The device indicates that it has found gold - gold coins, I dig and find nothing, I search with the device again and shows an indication 5 or 7 meters away, I dig again and again the same. Question: Is the gold or the gold coins magical or can they walk?

Answer: Unfortunately, nothing of these is true and nothing weird happened because neither the gold and gold coins are magical nor can they walk. All these are excuses because there is real weakness in detection and discrimination, whether what is detected is gold, gold coins or something else. Indeed there is something there (regardless if it is still there or has been removed in the past), but depending on its volume and the years buried in the ground the requested target can be detected in a proportionate distance. Meaning that, if the target’s volume is proportional to the volume of a coin then it is located at least 3 meters away, e.g. if the volume is proportional to the volume of a small box then it is located at least 1500 meters away. Therefore, a large volume can be detected in more than three kilometers from the point of digging.

4) Question: The device indicates that it has located gold - gold coins, I dig and find anything other than gold or gold coins.

Answer: Surely it shows coincidence detection. The machine or the device failed to discriminate and the indication is wrong. So, it tracked down accidentally a transmission of radiation or of some other object. There are millions of these in the soil or in the subsoil.

5) Question: devices or machines, or dowsing method, at the field tests find the gold or gold coins, but in the mountain they don’t. Why not?

Answer: If the gold coins or gold, are not removed from the field tests for several years, or if the area is altered and you do not know exactly where they are buried, then they can not be found using the existing technology. If they are located and 10 or 20 years have gone by, then you will be lead at least tens or hundreds of meters away from the field test, depending on the size of the object and the time they remained in the subsoil.

During the field test, the target can be located only with a local detector, as long as there is proper handling, it can reach the depth of the target and there is no other metallic element on the field test perimeter. For this reason it is understandable that the devices or appliances or dowsers can not locate the target after several years, if it has been in the subsoil for 30 or 40 years.

6) Question: Why small amounts of gold or gold coins e.g. (50, 80, 150 pieces) have been found at times, with various devices or dowsing method but no larger quantities?
Answer: Right! Some machines or devices or dowsers have located occasionally small quantities, but never big ones. Those detections have been made only at specific sites within a tree gap, inside a wall, in a field with crops. So everyone is fooled that they can find a large quantity and at any point, but unfortunately it is wrong! They can do so only in those points, and when the quantity is too small.

7) Question: Various machines or devices photograph the subsoil and show that there are rooms with weapons or with gold coins or shelters with corridors or different containers inside them

Answer: Unfortunately, machine or device capable of photographing the subsurface apparently does not exist, only geological – geophysical devices, but they only show sections of the soil or changes in it. Based on the records of the permits that have been issued for digging for gold coins in Greece, even if hundreds of excavations took place, there was no success.

8) Question: There is several information that the gold coins are well hidden in various locations e.g. in churches, under plane trees, in the village square, in shelters or caves and they are also trapped. What should I do?

Answer: during the 44 years of our research, especially regarding gold coins, never has a space been opened and being trapped from inside. At least from what is known or reported in some files or from surveys that have been made, a space was trapped in the outside area of the target, temporarily, until the load was carried, as it usually happens in other cases and for many reasons. That they are in various and unlikely places and that the coins are trapped is a myth, in order to create difficulties, impressions and fear due to actual inability to locate the target.

9) Question: So, with the existing technology and know-how, can I find lost treasures or gold coins?

Answer: All researchers (gold-searchers) have lived too many experiences and certainly the true answer lies inside everyone. In the above mentioned nine questions about the research, there answers exist but, of course, they are not the only ones available.

Asking every gold-searcher, which are actually hundreds, perhaps thousands, directly or indirectly, they have located gold coins. In this way they demonstrate their ability as researchers (gold- searchers) and claim that their device is the ideal, perfect or absolutely capable. Everyone knows best what the truth is!

In fact everyone has, from one to dozens, information regarding lost treasures or gold coins. If you collect all this information in Greece there should be not only thousands but millions of information!

Unfortunately every time a machine or device or dowsing method is involved and there is some indication it is turned into information about gold. It is a fact that there is millions of information. However it is not gold or gold coins, but rocks and minerals, which are in fact millions in the soil or subsoil in small or large depths.
However a solution exists for those who wish to follow this hobby, which in the end is of course very expensive. Because it is not just a hobby, but also a hope for a better life.

The biggest problem reported by all gold-searchers is that while they supposedly have the best machine when they detect a target in one region, they can not find the exact point (except locally) and then they are looking for an even better device from abroad. They search with this one the same area, they actually detect a target without being able to find its exact point. They are aware that somewhere around a treasure exists but they are constantly away from it. This way, the search for a more efficient device from abroad continues along with the costs and the vicious circle grows.
These nine basic examples and problems, do not only apply only for gold or gold coins but also for all metals or any object that activates the devices, confuses the frequencies and gives false indications.


SubSystem, based on its general research experience of 44 years, and expertise in search for gold, gold coins and lost treasures, has solved the key problems of detecting and discriminating a target, reaching point zero, due to its innovative patented device.

Just a few of our advantages:

1) Detection and discrimination from a distance of tens of kilometers, without any interference.
2) Accurate detection and discrimination. We find exactly what we want to find and not anything else. Without declinations or excuses for any unknown parameters, which supposedly create problems for the accurate detection and discrimination and the point zero of the target.

3) Ability to move towards the target, first locating the exact area and approaching its perimeter, since the initial location of the target was done kilometers away.

4) Ability to locate the target at point zero. Locate where the target is accurately, no matter what the size or depth and not just “somewhere around here”!

5) Ability to determine if the target still exists in this point zero of detection, or has been removed 10, 20 or 30 years ago (because the residual magnetic fields create real target).

6) SubSystem, with its patent, has the ability, even if the object has been removed, to demagnetize the ground and cease the false active target. As long as the magnetic fields were in the ground, all machines would characterize the site as real target, with zero results.

7) When the target continues to be active in the point zero, we begin the necessary actions and the real target now comes to the surface.

8) In an area that has been researched perhaps from dozen other machines and there is a target which has not yet been located with accuracy, SubSystem can give the solution immediately. Verifies if there is gold or anything else, in what depth it is, and where exactly is the point zero of the target. Thus gives the final solution and clarifies once and for all whether the target in this region is real or not and what exactly it is.

9) There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of different targets that may have surfaced, but machines are still activated in the region with an assumed target.

SubSystem, can give a solution with its invention! It cleaves the residual magnetic fields on the ground and stops once and for all the false target, which was troubling thousands of researchers and will continue to do so in the future.

10) The patented device of SubSystem is not influenced by anything and works under all circumstances. Even under pillars of ultrahigh voltage.

11) Investigating from a stable point in a perimeter of thousand acres we can know what exists in the range of the device, with complete discrimination e.g. mineral, rock, marble, gold, copper, gold coins, treasure, diamonds, iron, aluminum, silver and whatever else may be of interest. When there is no challenge in the area, we exclude the area permanently from any future research.

12) Investigating, an area that information shows that gold coins exist and the place is trapped e.g. with mines or grenades.

SubSystem, by detecting and discriminating explosive materials, can know if there are indeed gold coins in the area, trapped with explosive materials or not.

If indeed there is correct and true information about a lost treasure or gold coins because of all the problems listed above, it will not be detected!
SubSystem, with its innovative patented method can directly provide the solution by locating the real target!

Browse our web pages, get to know our services, take a look at the references that accompany us and contact us to provide you, with just one visit to your area, the definite answer to the question whether the requested target exists or not.


metal detector

Answers to some of the questions asked from the phone or e-mail.

1) Question: If the device detects e.g. rocks (goldstones) or something else strange.
Answer: The term goldstone is not correct. It is just a myth created at times, because of the actual failure to detect gold. But what really happens? In order to preserve the lure of gold tracking some invented the term "goldstone" and therefore this "strange" material has filled the subsoil of Greece. Regarding the device it can indeed detect any kind of rock, regardless of its name, through the process of discrimination and not "isolation" as some mistakenly believe, confusing our device with other devices and methods!

2) Question: how can the problems with magnetic or electromagnetic fields which create obstacles to detection or discrimination be solved?

Answer: If we did not have a solution to this problem then we would not be talking about 100% success in research and detection of any material with absolute accuracy. We achieve to get to the absolute point zero of the sought target without unnecessary excuses since we have overcome such obstacles some time ago!

SubSystem single membered ltd with its pioneering and innovative patented method,certified by O.B.I (Industrial Property Organization) with the number 1007724, fortifies the device’s ability for unlimited frequency detection, detection and discrimination of materials, gases and liquids from long distance!

The device can detect and discriminate everything and can give immediate and effective solution to each sought target in the subsoil, sea and air. Because, research and discrimination is based on the molecular structure of the matter.

The questions are too many and it is not possible to answer all. Therefore, we display to this site the ones we consider basics.

For the rest of the questions we give this brief answer:

Our device has solved all known problems which commonly arise during research, it locates any kind of material at any environment and under any circumstances, with speed and complete accuracy.



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