Hydrogeological research for municipalities and D.E.Y.A
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Our company conducts hydrogeological research on behalf of municipalities and municipal water supply–irrigation companies. Through this research, the municipality and D.E.Y.A can know whether water exists or not throughout the municipality, or at particular Local Administrative Districts. This way the process of conducting geological - environmental study in order to acquire a water use permit is becoming easier.

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What is a hydrogeological research?

The hydrogeological research specializes in detecting underground water and is part (branch) of a wider geological research.

Subsystem and Hydrogeological Research

The company Subsystem single membered -LTD is a pioneer regarding hydrological research and has already cooperated successfully with several municipalities in the country.

The most important characteristics in the hydrogeological research of our company are:

1. Extremely fast result delivery (20 days maximum for the entire municipality)
2. Possibility to indicate the point closer to the PPC (DEI) networks, water supply and road networks in order to carry out the drilling
3. Indicate the exact point for drilling with one square meter accuracy
4. Information on the type of water deposit (running or in a cavity)
5. Accurate depth measurement, volume flow (cubic meters per hour)

Subsystem and Geological - Environmental Studies

After the completion of hydrogeological research, Subsystem conducts detailed and comprehensive geological and environmental studies in order to have the water use permit issued, in collaboration with the most qualified and experienced scientists in the field.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1) What research methods does your company use?

Answer: It uses our patented device which is unique.

2) What is the duration of the research?

Answer: The shortest research time is 1-2 hours

3) When can I be aware of the results of your hydrogeological research?

Answer: Usually immediately. After the end of the search we notify you about the result.

4) How accurate are the results of your research?

Answer: A brief look at our web site’s link "references" will convince you of the effectiveness of our researches.

5) How can I be certain that the water which is detected is not going to run out in a few days?

Answer: Our company knows about the type of the aquifer deposit, if it is running or basin and informs you about its potential.

6) Will I know from the research how much water there is and how deep it is?

Answer: We inform you about the quantity in cubic meters per hour and the exact depth.

7) Do you indicate to me the approximate location to make the drilling?

Answer: Our company tells you exactly where to drill and not approximately

8) If in the end, water is not found within my property, will your company receive a payment?

Answer: Our company is a research company and the results of our services are a solution for you whether there is water or not. So, therefore, we receive payment for our services.

9) What information can you give me about an existing drilling that does not work properly any more?

Answer: after a research, we can let you know what happens to the existing drilling and whether it can be improved in some way.

10) Does the research of your company include projects for large industrial units, bottling plants and modern business complexes?

Answer: Of course, our research is multifaceted and covers all requirements.

11) Is it possible to cancel the research due to difficult topography or other conditions?

Answer: No, the research is not canceled and is conducted under any conditions.

12) Can the research be conducted in closed places like houses, basements and pilotis space?

Answer: Yes, the research is conducted in any area without a problem.

13) Is the research method influenced by overhead high or ultra-high voltage power cables or underground cables of D.E.I, O.T.E, E.Y.D.A.P etc.?

Answer: No, not affected in any way.

14) If there is a gap in a subsurface crack can a false indication be shown?

Answer: No it can not be false, because we know if the crack contains water or not.

15) During the research can several frequencies interfere and result in wrong indication?

Answer: No, no frequency can affect the research.

16) In areas characterized as arid, is it possible that a mistake was done and water does exist?

Answer: Yes it could have been misdiagnosed, and our company can find the solution (we have done projects with positive results in many areas characterized as arid.)

17) Can we identify karst springs before their salinization?

Answer: Yes, we can, before the clear water meets the sea and becomes brackish, find the route, the depth, the altitude and to intervene where it is safe to do the drilling.

18) Can we identify the penetration of the sea to the shore?

Answer: Yes, we can see in what extent the sea has penetrated the land, how much space it occupies (and where salinization occurs, if any).

19) Can we know where geothermal fields exist?

Answer: Yes, we can identify and exploit geothermal fields for greenhouses - baths - heating – fish farming etc.

20) Why should I choose your company and not some other company?

Answer: The main reasons are the following: For the innovative process that we follow regarding research generally, the speed, the accuracy of our results and the scientific training of our experienced partners.


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