Subsystem Services-Hydrogeological and Mining Research
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The main activity of our company involves hydrogeological search to detect significant water reserves.

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Key priority of our company is the search for groundwater deposits especially at great depths, which can be used for irrigation or water supply purposes.
This section presents the services that the company Subsystem single membered Ltd offers as well as the fields of action regarding research.


Research for individuals PDF Print E-mail

We research, detect and pinpoint to you (always in your private area, such as a basement, estate, exterior area) the exact spot for drilling, as long as there is water.

If water exists, we inform you about the depth it is located, its quantity (in cubic meters per hour) and if the water is brackish or not, when it is about a coastal area.

Research for municipalities PDF Print E-mail
Our company conducts hydrogeological research on behalf of municipalities and municipal water supply–irrigation companies. Through this research, the municipality and D.E.Y.A can know whether water exists or not throughout the municipality, or at particular Local Administrative Districts. This way the process of conducting geological - environmental study in order to acquire a water use permit is becoming easier.

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