Research company for manufacturing gold and metal detectors
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Geological research for any material with detection and discrimination from long distances and large depths in the soil-subsoil-air-sea using innovative and exclusive patent of SubSystem. Construction of metal and gold detectors.

The company SubSystem single membered Ltd. provides researching services in soil, subsoil, air and sea, involving the detection and discrimination of materials, liquids and gases from long distance.
The operation of the SubSystem is based on a unique patented device, filed in OBI (Industrial Property Organization), which has been characterized as unlimited frequency selector for detection and discrimination of materials, liquids and gases from a long distance. It detects and discriminates the target from long distances of tens of kilometers and hundreds of meters depth with great accuracy reaching the point zero of the target. It locates for example water-oil-liquid elements- ores-gemstones-semiprecious stones-noble and non-noble metals-rocks- mineral -explosive materials-plastics- paper- wood- wax- coral- bones- gaps –magnetic fields-radiation-molecular frequencies etc.

The device is the product of 30 years of research, tested in every soil geomorphology, weather conditions in air, sea, soil and subsoil. At temperatures less than minus (-) 10 and over plus (+) 45 degrees Celsius with success in Greece and abroad. The device searches under any weather or geological conditions, at any place, without any side effects in its operation. It functions as polymorphic detection device, such as local detector- Long Range Locator – geophysical locator – dowser - radar- georadar –magnetometer etc without needing another supporting device to reach the point zero of the target. It searches thousands of acres with direct response, whether the result is positive or negative.

The company SubSystem single membered LTD is a pioneer in research on soil, subsoil, air and sea. With the use of our patented device and our staff which consists of the most experienced scientists, we are distinguished for our advanced and innovative research method, based on our patent, for materials, liquids and gases. We have managed in recent years to carry out successfully the most difficult research missions in the field of research from large distances, more than 60 km, and depths, over 700 meters, with complete discrimination of water-oil-mineral-rocks-ores - gems -noble and non-noble metals-iron-copper-gold-silver -aluminum-steel-brass etc.

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